Mountain Safety Logistics works closely with the mountain community to help foster a safety culture that benefits everyone, from skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts and film industry professionals, to novice backcountry adventurers. We are a certified American Avalanche Association instructor  throughout Alaska and the mountain West, also offering custom developed workshops and two day comprehensive backcountry safety courses. The guides at MSL have a broad base of experience and certifications, giving them practical expertise in the field as well as excellent skills in safety education. Each safety course and workshop is either taught by one of our expert guides or by an outside specialist, covering topics such as avalanche awareness, mountain travel techniques, survival, and emergency response skills. Group dynamics and leadership are often an underlying theme as well since teamwork is such a vital part of mountain safety. Courses can range from IPRW (International Professional Riders Workshop) for pro athletes to mountain and avalanche safety classes for youth through Alpine Initiatives. MSL’s flexibility and dedication to a mountain safety culture ensures our clients the most informative and effective safety curriculum possible while also promoting passion for the sport and a greater sense of community participation.