MSL provides unparallelled access to some of the most beautiful and remote areas in the Alaskan backcountry, offering ski and snowboard opportunities most have only imagined in places few have ever ventured. Ranging from epic single day heli excursions, to extended earn each turn expeditions, each trip is a unique experience that can be fully catered to individual and group needs. We aren’t tethered to a base location, giving us the advantage of being able to facilitate a wider range of environments and terrain. MSL provides professional ski and snowboard services including backcountry and heli guiding, safety and logistics, permitting, remote camp setup, food services, insurance, and air support via helicopter or ski plane. We also offer land transportation coordination and lodging accommodations in a wide variety of locations including lodges, rustic cabins, and hotels for full package customers. Whether you are looking for heartstopping big mountain riding or solitude in hiked turns and remote basecamps, MSL will get you out there.