Mountain Safety Logistics has built its foundation on solving Alaska-based problems for a broad variety of clientele. We specialize in creating custom turn-key operations for film production companies and planning boutique adventures for backcountry enthusiasts. Our logistical and production support is very comprehensive, giving film production companies access to all the vital services and equipment necessary to get the job done safely and efficiently; with appropriate attention paid to the budget, of course. Production companies can rely on MSL for full support services including location scouting, production management, high-angle film support, permitting and a wealth of other solutions as needed. For remote shoots, we can handle safety and risk management, transportation, base camp services, emergency personnel, air support, and any other logistical challenges that may arise, giving the client a jump on the real work. We’ve been involved with film productions and photo shoots for major commercial brands, including Dell and LifeProof; as well as professional ​high-end ​production ​companies ​​like our Alaskan sister company Sprocketheads and Wyoming based sports media company, Teton Gravity Research (TGR). Our custom adventure planning and Alaskan ski and snowboard services open up the backcountry to a wealth of enthusiasts from professional athletes to first-time explorers. Since MSL isn’t locked down to a single base location, customers can choose from a much larger variety of locations for their excursion. We have partnerships with businesses throughout the area that provide helicopter support, equipment rental, food services, and just about anything else necessary. Safety is always the first line of business at MSL and a persistent theme throughout all of our activities and services. As our name suggests, we have a healthy obsession with mountain safety. We train, educate, and participate in the mountain safety community to foster the safety culture necessary for everyone to continue enjoying the activities they love. Whether building a base camp for a film production company on a remote glacier, dropping into a steep couloir, or teaching a mountain safety workshop for local children; Mountain Safety Logistics will craft the perfect solution.